The making of an EntrepreNaari.

Everyone sees their success. But few people know what it took for them to get where they are today. Here are their stories— the journey, the detours, the wins and losses. Read on.


As an army wife who had to move frequently, Sonali Singh Rao never imagined she would be able to pursue a career, let alone start a business. Posted in a remote area in Arunachal Pradesh with no intern….Read More

Founders, Vishwasa
When Rhea Thakkal was in 9th grade, a new girl joined her school — a girl who was her opposite in every way. Ankitha Reddy Vontela was emotional whereas Rhea was level-headed. Ankitha was ….Read More

Founder, Hofeto
Lisa Mohapatra had an idyllic childhood. She grew up in Rourkela, in a family that valued gender equality. Lisa and her brother were given the same education, the same opportunities a….Read More

Founder, She Means Business
If managing disruption and change are signs of a true #EntrepreNaari, Dipika was already there at the age of 7. Her father had a job that required their family to move frequently, and unlike most kids who….Read More

Author & Artist
Meet Sudha Madhavan, one of our senior-most #EntrepreNaaris in the community. Sudha is a thriving artist of the classical school, a children’s author with Hachette Publications and a freelance travel….Read More

Founder, Physis
Sailaja Manacha never planned to be an entrepreneur. She came into her journey, and had to learn on the go. But the way she responded to this challenge would go on to shape a successful business….Read More

Co-founder, Aara Health; Founder, Project Naveli
Before last year, most people knew Navya Naveli Nanda for the family she comes from. And growing up, she wasn’t necessarily comfortable with that attention. She faced the pressures of constantly….Read More

Founder, Aazol
People know Apurva Purohit as the business woman, the author, the mogul who led a startling array of media conglomerates. But growing up, they knew her as the good kid— the girl who….Read More

Founder & CEO, Aspire For Her
In 2020, as Madhura DasGupta Sinha celebrated her 50th birthday, she decided to gift herself something that she’d had her eyes on for a while. A brand new startup ….Read More

Meet Aadita Rajiv, who’s our youngest #EntrepreNaari so far! Like any 12-year-old, Aadita loves reading, playing video games and listening to stories. But as of this year, she is also the author of her….Read More

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