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Sanjana Upase

‘I want to thank Madhura ma’am, Ruchita ma’am, Jaya ma’am, Vidya ma’am, Priya ma’am and everyone in AFH! Everything that I am today and do is because of AFH and you all!

I remember my first interaction with AFH. It was with Madhura ma’am. If Madhura ma’am wouldn’t give me her laptop I wouldn’t be able to basically do anything college or work related. She did it without even meeting me, just a telegram text. It’s something soooo unusual. I remember I would write mails to all these laptop companies telling them about the situation but would get no reply. Madhura ma’am came like an angel to be honest!! That’s the biggest help that I’ve got from AFH!! Then I met Geeta ma’am who helped me with my college fee and if that wouldn’t happen I know for sure that I wouldn’t be able to go to college. That’s very clear. She was ready to help me in the blink of an eye. I’m very thankful that I met her through AFH!

Last year, Ruchita ma’am referred me to Poornima Ma’am (again I’m thankful to AFH, I met her through you all. She has a talent pool ✨) Interning with her was a very big opportunity through which I learned so much about Incubators and accelerators) Thankyou so much Ruchita ma’am for that opportunity! Lastly, a very big thankyou to you for having me here because the internship stipend I use for hostel and mess. I would say here that a student like me can live her college days in Pune because of AFH! All these things contribute to where I am where I am today! And the opportunities that I got, to be there at BSE, that’s a once in a lifetime kind of opportunity and many don’t get that. Everyone here is very helpful and friendly and inspires each other. I’m very proud to be a member of Aspire For Her family! ❤️

Swati Malik
Vice President, Cloud Services & Diversity Leader, India/APAC at Blue Yonder

It has been a pleasure partnering with Aspire for Her as we launched our ‘DIVE Back, our returnship program at Blue Yonder under our D&I umbrella earlier this year. Aspire For Her has been extremely professional, and responsive, and has helped source a great pool of returnees within 3 months of our engagement. Madhura, Ruchita and the Aspire For Her team have been great to collaborate with and we wish you continued success in your journey!

Srishty Jain
Founder and CEO at CoLLearn

I know Madhura and Aspire For Her for the last 2.5 years. I am so happy and glad to see the progress and reach that Aspire for Her has. Recently, as a part of Aspire For Her’s EntrepreNaari community, I got in touch with Rica Roy from NDTV. I must say that the session was very fruitful and personalised. Thanks Aspire For Her, for the prompt connection and for helping setting this up! I recommend everyone to explore EntrepreNaari as there is a high chance that you will uncover hidden gems!

Chandra Balani
Head, Global Enterprise, India at Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Madhura and Aspire For Her are on a mission to help find jobs for women in India and, in turn, help add more women to India’s workforce. This is crucial if India has to continue growing upwards of 5% every year. Aspire For Her has helped build a community of more than 200,000 women and are working to help them skill up, connect with corporates, find jobs and increase the diversity ratio for companies like ours. We at AWS are running a program in partnership with Aspire For Her called SheDares where women are trained and enabled on cloud skills so that they can find jobs with AWS, as well as with our customers and partners!

Prachi Guron
Director, Recruitment Marketing, Wipro

It’s been a pleasure partnering with Aspire for Her for our National Talent Hunt program. We worked with the team for a diversity-focused initiative and Aspire For Her was extremely professional, responsive and agile. They helped us invite and host a great pool of talented girls from Tier 2 & 3 cities from across India who applied for the program on a very tight deadline. Their outreach and marketing strategy has been exceptionally brilliant. Madhura, Ruchita and the Aspire For Her team have been great to collaborate with. Here’s looking forward to working with them again soon!

Gurleen Pannu
Gurleen Pannu

‘Aspire For Her has been one of the most enlightening experiences of my life. Having started as an ambassador absolutely ignorant of my own skills, AFH has helped me understand my niche and has given me a plethora of opportunities to excel in my career. The best part about AFH is the network of aspiring women, young and old, who are associated with it. The network has been extremely empowering and has added substantially to my professional growth. Aspire For Her will always feel like home, no matter where you come from or what you do.’

Sneha Ganesh
Sneha Ganesh

‘The impact that Aspire For Her has made on me can hardly be quantified in words. Right from the diverse skilling opportunities it has provided me, the people I have got to learn from, the real-life exposure I have received, the growth, as well as the shift in mindset I have seen in myself, becoming a part of AFH is one of the best decisions I have ever made, both for my career and personal life. This community is now an inseparable part of my life, and I will forever be grateful to AFH for this.’

Palak Kabra
Palak Kabra

‘Being a part of Aspire For Her, hands down, has been one of the most enriching experiences ever. The entire journey from being an ambassador to being a core team member has been full of learnings and opportunities. A perfect platform to interact with lots and lots of people from diverse fields, learn from the variety of resources provided, get mentored by inspiring women, and grow personally and professionally. And the best part is the constant support and guidance, with even the smallest achievement being celebrated.’

Mahek Parekh
Mahek Parek

‘A great platform to connect with women from diverse fields and it has helped me learn so much! In the first month itself, I attended several webinars & had a mentorship program with Ms. Jean Fernandes who gave me excellent guidance.’

Shivani Vashistha
Shivani Vashistha

‘The programs are quite unique and impactful for young women and I am glad to have been a witness to them. Glad to have had a mentorship session which helped filter out my goals and makes a detailed plan to achieve them.’

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